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The process of selling an apartment, usually the most valuable asset of the Israeli family is exposed to macro-factors that affect the pace of its progress and the sale results. Sometimes the effect is dramatic, with a sense that “everything is at a standstill, the process is stuck.”

These days I feel a need to convey a simple, reassuring message about my progress in the tasks I took upon myself in light of the events of the past week. Despite the feelings of many, and contrary to all the cautionary voices, the buyers’ market is alive and kicking.


For the past two months (and possibly forever?), I have been dealing with the mood swings of buyers who fear the collective impact of so many “macro factors”. Our tiny country, whether in relation to the unstable labor market, the decisions of the Bank of Israel (that sometimes appear arbitrary) or, heaven forbid, to fervid security decrees, large segments of the target population – buyers – refrain from taking steps to buy a house.


So how do we, at Yaniv Haas real estate boutique, contend with this?

As always, we brace ourselves and step out each morning into the “buyers’ market” in an attempt to locate a buyer for one of our properties that might suit his needs and pocket. We must understand that the “buyers’ market” itself is heterogeneous in its approach to carrying out transactions.

Some are purchasing their first apartment, others, more experienced, are buying their second or third apartment. And then there are the investors.


Of the entire buyers’ community, I believe the various investors are the least affected by macro factors. Investors seek opportunities, they quantify risks, economic costs and interest rates, and they realize that they have no real alternative to the real estate market (not in the capital market or pension reserves) and there is no better time than the present to buy an apartment as an investment. At the right price, of course.

We offer investors considerable experience in the analysis of real estate transactions, with comprehensive knowledge of financing options, maximizing the return.


After the investors, come the experienced buyers. The latter understand that of all the characteristics of a deal, the “compromises” they are willing to make when choosing a property play the biggest role. No matter what decision system they employ, it is concession that has the motivating power to close a deal. The “compromise discussion” we undertake together is the bridge to their dream apartment. Thus, we are able to fulfill real estate ambitions under the umbrella of clearly defined needs. We offer experienced buyers an approach that is realistic, experienced and considerate of their needs while advising them on the necessary compromises. Our main strength lies in a very broad vision of the range of available options.


Another group is the “first buyers”.

This is the buyers’ group that has been most affected by shifts in the real estate market over the past two and a half years. The rising price of properties, sometimes by 100%, a burdensome mortgage market, and the financial dwindling of the “parents’ generation” (which requires a separate discussion), have led many to seriously consider the option of long term rentals.


We sometimes recommend that this group not buy a residential apartment. The don’t-buy recommendation is based on our understanding of what life might look like with a mortgage over a period of 25-30 years. We have no problem saying “listen guys, purchasing an apartment is not an option for you.” We advise the group of first buyers to purchase cheaper apartments – those intended for investment, rent and rent out: live where you choose and purchase what you can.


The “buyers’ market” consists of groups and subgroups and there is, of course, a natural mobility between these groups. Our mission is to identify needs and match appropriate responses. For many years, the process of selling property in our office has been run according to a marketing theory that offers our customers a different experience of buying and selling. We are meticulous about our work methods as well as our financially beneficial results for those who choose to work with us. And these are not just words – we are in close contact with the buyers’ market simply because we are constantly seeking it, initiating unparalleled marketing and advertising actions. Below you can see the scope of the marketing and advertising campaign that we do for each property represented exclusively by our office.


The following is a description of the actions undertaken for each property offered for sale as part of the marketing plan brokered by “Yaniv Haas.”

  • A conspicuous sign in front of the property
  • Exposure in the printed media
  • Online WEB exposure
  • Production and distribution of a high-quality video
  • Extensive operations behind the scenes: collaboration with other agencies, active filtering of clients, ongoing marketing reports to clients, proven experience in and knowledge of negotiation, developing expansion projects under Tama
  • Full support by legal, architectural and design consultants, and more.


In conclusion, while we should not ignore the macro factors affecting the real estate market, we should not give them too much weight – we must continue to develop, grow and act. There is always a solution, always something to be done, and we can definitely act under conditions of uncertainty.


If you have any questions, I will be happy to assist you

Direct line: 052-3425357


Writer: Yaniv Haas, owner of Yaniv Haas, real estate boutique.