Marketing Tools

Real estate marketing efforts are rewarded based on the relationship between us.

Just as a small unique shop that is personal and professional is called a boutique, I call the type of service I provide a real estate boutique. Much attention is invested in marketing and managing the sale. Marketing properties based on exclusivity according to a pre-structured program is an example of our routine office procedures, yet the marketing campaign is not uniform and is adapted to the type of property: an exclusive apartment project will be marketed differently from a home designated for preservation in a veteran neighborhood. In addition, the personal management of the sale and my commitment to its success are always backed by many resources of time, money and energy.

Exclusive Marketing

Signing an exclusivity agreement with a leading realtor is sometimes accompanied by heavy doubts based on hearsay or a friend’s unsuccessful personal experience of such a business relationship.

A good realtor understands people. Their needs. A good realtor knows how to reach their fundamental needs and help them bridge differences.

The realtors I know are multi-faceted – maintaining good relations with other realtors, intelligent and skilled in the art of negotiation, resourceful and able to collaborate with suppliers from a wide range of fields: print media, internet, signposting, campaigners and advertisers.

A good realtor develops a system that will support the marketing campaign he is responsible for, and most of all, he will know how to uphold the important role of selling the most valuable property.

This, in my opinion, is the definition of trustworthy service.

Conditions for an exclusivity agreement are simple and embedded in the real estate law.  According to this law, the agreement is for 6 months, during which time the realtor commits to a number of specific marketing activities for the said property.

In exchange, should the property be sold in the course of the agreed period, the realtor is entitled to a fee.

A unique marketing campaign for every type of property

In a marketing campaign for selling an exclusive property, the first step is learning the characteristics of the property and its surroundings. Much effort is invested in preparing the property for every visit, the property documents are updated and revealed, and the tenants are given instructions – all to ensure a successful sale. In addition, we are also equipped for long-term sales activities: for example, when individual homes are replaced by extravagant buildings, the patience of the realtor is critical.

The office works towards a successful sale in several ways, investing resources throughout the entire sales period, whether this spans a single week or an entire year. The marketing program includes advertising in the local and national media, a broad internet marketing campaign and prominent billboards.


We work openly – the property sale, with all of its specific details, is advertised through every type of media, thus speeding up the timetable towards the desired result. Furthermore, we insist that all our marketing activities are reported to our clients through ongoing activity reports, maintaining close ties, which is one of the foundations of our sales work.

For 18 years we have been working to improve, update and enhance what we perceive to be the work of a real estate realtor.

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