Service and Costs

Cost: payment, remuneration, compensation.

In the capitalist society in which we all work, many sanctify only the bottom line – the profit.
Yet there are always a variety of ways to go about doing things.

My way, which may at times be deemed old-fashioned, is constantly expanding and aims for a broader goal than the immediate obvious goal – gaining profit in every situation and at any cost. Although unprofessionalism and disrespect are so common that at times is seems inevitable to simply accept it, I insist there is another way and I am unwilling to surrender to the comfort of short-cuts and to the culture of “everything will be okay” and “just trust me”. In other words, I will not sacrifice my personal and professional integrity at the altar of immediate economic gain. Over my many years of work, those who select me to manage their affairs receive full compensation for their money. To illustrate this point, I have included a number of sample recommendations on this website.

Price List


Personal real estate consultation

The realtor fee for this service is 450 NIS for one hour of consultation.


Renting a property residence/commercial

The realtor fee will be the cost of one months’ rent for every year of rent (up to two years) from each side in the agreement (renter and tenant).


Buying and/or selling Real estate

The realtor fee for buying or selling will be 2% of the actual selling price and not less than 14,000 NIS.


Written estimation of your property value

The realtor fee for this service (between Bat-Yam and Nahariya) is 900 NIS.


Representing entrepreneurs and contractors

The realtor fee will be detailed in the service agreements signed in advance.


Accompanying and marketing projects

The realtor fee will be according to the detailed service agreement signed in advance and will not be less than 8% of the total project cost.


Costs do not include VAT.

This price list is subject to the wording of the agreements.

To remove any doubt I will note that the realtor fee at the time of selling/buying/renting will be paid at the time of signing a binding contract.

Yaniv Haas license number 5299

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