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Published June 17th, 2015


Signing an exclusivity agreement with a leading realtor is sometimes accompanied by heavy doubts based on hearsay or a friend’s unsuccessful personal experience of such a business relationship.


Before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, take a moment to read a brief description of a quick, sound and rewarding way to sell an apartment.

Conditions for an exclusivity agreement are simple and embedded in the real estate law. According to this law, the agreement is for 6 months, during which time the realtor commits to a number of specific marketing activities for the said property.

In exchange, should the property be sold in the course of the agreed period, the realtor is entitled to a fee.


So why insist on exclusivity?

A collaboration network

Yaniv Haas markets properties based on exclusivity according to a pre-structured program, which includes up to five times the scope required by law. Strong local offices, as well as franchises of large networks that compromise on work without “exclusivity” ensure varied marketing and sales activities. However, no matter how comprehensive they may be, they cannot reflect the true benefits of exclusive care.

My commitment to our goal, as well as my management and negotiation skills are reflected in the sales operations from the onset, with the presentation of the property.

A realtor who uses outdated methods should not invest in a property if his livelihood from a sale is not guaranteed. In contrast, because our fee is guaranteed, Yaniv Haas’s boutique will not hesitate to invest money and energy. We will invest in a comprehensive and expensive marketing to advertise an asset among all the realtors in the region.

While running a marketing campaign, I will study the specific property and its surroundings, I’ll prepare it for every visit by guiding the tenants, and I will set up a collaboration network among offices whose sole aim is a successful sale.


These are the methods of a professional, modern realtor.



Unique Advertising

Yaniv Haas. Real estate boutique: Exclusive property sales.


The office works towards a successful sale in several ways, investing resources throughout the entire sales period, whether this spans a single week or three months. We advertise the apartment through unique ads, for example – columns in local and national campaigns;
Newspapers, “Kolbo” in Haifa, “Yediot” in Herzliya – with an emphasis on renewing the ads during the given period. The marketer operates and maintains an independent website and ensures updated photographs and precise descriptions of the apartment specifications.
As a real estate boutique, I conduct ongoing advertising in a wide variety of ways as part of the exclusivity agreement. We do not work in secret; the firm advertises the sale of the apartment through all possible means, thus speeding up the schedule towards the desired result. This is our great advantage, as well as yours, the seller, over any other marketing method!



No Report – No Action

Every marketing action undertaken by the Yaniv Haas real estate boutique is reported to the client. We are committed to producing a bi-weekly report of marketing activities for our clients, likewise for the team of realtors working for us, which includes everything transpiring in the apartment campaign and the local market.


What’s your next step?
Contact a personal realtor, not a vague address.

Direct line: 052-3425357

Success is guaranteed.

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