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Published Feb. 17th, 2017

You’ve heard it all about realtors. And perhaps you have even found five other professions even more deprived than that of the realtor. At “Yaniv Haas” we are always joking about whether Israeli taxi drivers became rigid before or after meeting the people of Israel … and then of course there are the lawyers, handymen, technicians of various kinds, or, not to leave anyone out – representatives of the mobile phone companies, cable TV, telephones and banks. Yet we need them all. Thankfully, there are always some who are better than others and they are the ones you should seek.


For most of us, the apartment we bought (or have inherited) is our most valuable asset. To handle the sell properly we must select a realtor who will do everything necessary to achieve our goals, someone who is utterly reliable. Sometimes, people like to choose a realtor from a familiar agency they’ve seen advertised. The expectation that multi-chain realtors will act with the same dedication, honesty and integrity as an independent realtor sometimes leads to disappointment.


A realtor should have at least five years of experience. Naturally, offices that have been active for ten or twenty years have a dramatic advantage over newcomers. It is no longer enough to demand a real estate license. Beyond the license given by the Ministry of justice, a realtor should have a high education in marketing, management, and rich experience in real estate – it is not uncommon to seek a realtor with an academic degree in economics or management.
There are real reasons for selecting your realtor based on a personal recommendation, the realtor’s rich experience and relevant academic education. First of all, when approaching a specific realtor based on a recommendation, he will most likely want to justify his good name and thus provide the best possible service. Such a recommendation obligates him not only to you but also to the source of the recommendation. Secondly, an experienced negotiator will know how to reveal more information about the real estate market in his area of​​ expertise. He simply knows more. Realtors trade in information and the more information they have the greater their advantage over competitors. Third, it is important to pay attention to differences in the level of professionalism and relevant education in the field. Then there’s the personal level: the ability to conduct negotiations, familiarity with marketing systems and of course courtesy, for you are interacting with a human being and this interaction should be pleasant. Finally, remember that even if you can’t seem to find anyone satisfactory, you can always ask your friends and acquaintances and find out who they have enjoyed working with, I assure you that there is a realtor willing to take up the challenge and achieve real real estate results for you.

Good luck!

Yaniv Haas
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